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Throughout our career in the fitness industry we have developed a good sense for different company strategies, employee structures, facility management and brand building. As of our experience the heart of every successful business is the people that form it. Therefor key aspects such as motivation, knowledge, empowerment of each other step into our focus as consultant coaches.Dany has helped to build 3 starts up in the fitness boutique segment, worked for low budget up to high end gyms with memberships, has built a reputation as master trainer for hiit and jumping fitness concepts and loves to motivate her clients and to let their students grow out of their comfort zone and into their powerful light.Pat comes from the personal trainer world where he is used to inspire his clients in one-on-one sessions to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. He is also called “the master for detail” as he adds the spice to Dany’s  all-around work when it comes to company or individual coaching.Feel free to get inspired, to turn your business into a flourishing creative space!