Virtual Training

Trainer Coaching: Become a powerful trainer today and share your passion effectively with others!Fitness should first and foremost be fun and give you an uplifting and positive feeling about yourself and your body. Every individual is different and motives for physical activity vary. Clearly to catch everyone in the room or your one-on-one client as personal trainer is quite a challenge for every coach.Dany & Pati, with almost 15 years of coaching experience, know very well how tough it can be to develope and turn the trainer’s knowledge and dedication into a fitness highlight in every class or session they teach. It needs an empathetic touch, strong coaching skills and good self esteem to stand  out from the rest in this vast ocean of so called “professional coaches”.We have created a concept for trainers who are willing to go the extra mile in becoming the best version of what a highly motivating, competent and recognisable coach can be.