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Get to know Dany & Pati. Once you spend more that 10 minutes with these two you will be highly entertained…. they tease each other, disagree on almost everything, yet love each other dearly and share the same passion for fitness and health that spreads like a wildfire of positivity around them wherever they go.LIVE – LOVE – INSPIRE – CREATE That’s their motto. Reshaping the culture of fitness – what does that even mean? Dany and Pati are athletes, yes. But above all they are human beings. Throughout their careers as master trainer, personal trainer, consultant and physio therapist they agree on one thing: fitness is essential for everybody. We are longing to feel happy and good with ourselves. No masks, no facades, what we need in this competitive social media infused role model world is authenticity. This fitness power couple brings the ingredients on the table. Putting themselves out there, with their every day routines, relationship advice/ struggles and  fitness tips Dany and Pati appear very real and approachable.